The Journey Program



The Journey is a roadmap that is easily read and designed to get you around the detours of life and the bumps in your personal experience and relationships. Beginning the journey requires that you take a serious look at how you arrived at your present position--an examination of your days from conception onward. The understanding of these early connections will be your compass for the rest of your journey as you identify your own personal routes, obstacles, and destination. This journey will lead you down the road to personal understanding, fulfillment, and relational success.

How? In a series of several ten-session (11 sessions, including an additional Meet/Greet and Orientation Session) classes, each of which stands on its own, valuable information and guided personal introspection is offered by video and in individual workbooks. Gender-specific small groups offer support in the process of personal healing from the pain of the past and encouragement for complete emotional recovery and a brighter future.

I have facilitated groups for The Journey Program for 5 years prior to my educational venture into Marriage and Family Therapy. The Journey Program had such a transforming effect on my life that I decided to share it with others. Many of my clients express a need for understanding secure attachment, connecting with others, identifying and understanding the impact of early wounding on present-day functioning in family, friend, work, and community environments, and healing and moving beyond in a bigger picture of human purpose and potential. The Journey program is a structured process of experiencing an intimate small group, practicing skills, and sharing insights and stories in a confidential setting where support and participation are nurtured. 

Class Schedule


Each group is 2 hours in length.

Class Formations

Group Size: 6-8

Fees & Insurance

Individual Session Fee:  $40 per session or $440

Pre-Pay Package:  $400

Number of Sessions: 11

Insurance: Please check with your health plan administrator and see if you qualify for coverage. I will be happy to supply a super bill.

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Authors: Ron and Nancy Rockey, Clinical Psychologists

The Journey is a program authored by PhD clinical psychologists, Ron and Nancy Rockey. They are the founders of Fixable Life, Inc (a designated 501-C3 Educational Non-Profit Corporation), which they created after years of marital frustration and discord leading them to Graduate Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Pastoral Counseling.

Ron and Nancy come from two very different walks of life. Ron is from a family of six children, and Nancy was raised as an only child.Ron was unwanted--and considered an inconvenience in his family; whereas Nancy was cherished. Both, however, were wounded in their early character-forming years and suffered the consequences of those painful experiences. They honestly believed that theirs was a "match made in heaven," but they say, "The day we married, we lit an inferno that nearly destroyed us and our daughters as well."  Fortunately, sheer determination to make the marriage work sent them back to school for their graduate degrees. It was during that experience, an acquisition of knowledge, that they began to investigate and understand that their beginnings had set up the marital challenges that nearly ended their marriage. Thus began their journey to wholeness.Their "mess became their mission" as they often say. "What doesn't kill you often creates a passion within you to help others who struggle in life."

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