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About Psychotherapy

 Karie  respects that people hold the potential for happiness and possesses the  power to seek changes that advance their development and  that increase their quality of life. Sometimes it is helpful to seek  support in the process of sorting out thoughts and feelings, evaluating  situations, and identifying hidden obstacles  that inhibit and frustrate  our desire to move forward.  Successful  therapy begins when you collaborate with a therapist who fits you like  hand to glove--You feel comfortable, safe, supported, and the chemistry  works as a catalyst to change.  Consider the gender, age, specialties, education, and experience of your therapist that contribute to quality  of connection and which facilitate the personal growth you desire.  

Areas of Treatment Focus

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Attachment in relationships
  • Self-esteem and worth
  • Parenting support
  • Grief and loss
  • Stress management
  • Coping skills
  • Anger Management
  • Attention disorders
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Life transitions
  • Career direction and personal potentials
  • Adjustment and resourcing associated with chronic illness
  • Tele-counseling for California residents only

Therapeutic Modalities

My intention working with children, adolescents, adult individuals, or therapy groups is to foster a nurturing and safe environment. I draw from an eclectic range therapeutic orientations of Object Relations Therapy, Depth Therapy, Solutions-Focused  Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy,  Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Family  Systems. Art, sand tray, play, talk and relational therapies mediate  the therapeutic process. Each client plan is individualized to fit the circumstances and needs. 


I am a provider for Beacon Health Strategies and Partnership HealthPlan.  MFTs are not allowed to be providers for Medicare. However, if you have both Partnership HealthPlan and Medicare, Partnership HealthPlan will pay what Medicare denies. eBilling is done per appointment through secure online portal associated with these plans.

For clients who have PPO insurance, I will be happy to provide you a monthly super bill so that you can submit it and get reimbursed for your sessions. Payment is due at the time of appointment.


Please ask me some questions through the contact form or in person. I will be happy to answer them and this will help my website be more informative. Thank you!

QUESTION:  Do you have a Facebook page associated with your psychotherapy service?

ANSWER:  Yes, here is the link:




  • Training and special focus on therapeutic support of the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Temperament Inventory
  • Certified Mind-Body Japanese acupressure self-help techniques

Therapy for the Highly Sensitive Person

HSPs are 15-20% of the population whose brains and nervous systems are more highly geared to awareness, attunement to self, to others, and what is going on around them. HSPs are often challenged in friendships, career choices, work settings, and understanding the balance of being out in the world and retreating for down time. Research has shown that there are just as many men who are HSPs as women. Men, however, may experience more pressure in a culture that does not recognize or appreciate the highly sensitive male. There are definite benefits to seeing a therapist who shares your trait. Click here to read about "Discussing Your Trait with Therapists."

I have nurtured an interest in the topic of the HSP since 2005 when I first laid eyes on Elaine's books.  Understanding the information she presents brought me personally to my comfort zone with who I am in this world.  Additionally, I attended a course on the subject of therapy for the HSP, passed a test on the information in the DVD: A Live Seminar On Psychotherapy and The Highly Sensitive Person, and read the book: Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron, Ph.D. 

I work well with individual highly sensitive clients and provide temperament-based parenting support for raising your highly sensitive child. If you are an HSP, you might appreciate knowing your therapist shares your trait. Take the tests below to see if you might be an HSP.

To learn more about the HSP traits, click on the picture of the book cover.

Highly Sensitive Person Tests

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? Take these tests to find out.





What Are Your Personality Traits?


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)  is one of the most widely used personality assessments in the world--more than 2 million people worldwide each year. As a certified practitioner, Karie is able to administer the MBTI instrument, verify your MBTI type, and discuss your personality results one on one or in a group. Ethical administration  includes protecting your confidentiality, showing you how to verify your type, giving feedback interactively, and presenting all types as valuable. Understanding your MBTI type can enhance personal discovery and growth, professional/career development, learning, and relationships. When you are ready to take the test, it is available online by clicking the following link: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment

Japanese Acupressure Self Help


The art of the pulse

Balance your energy by understanding your pulse and how to get it back with your own touch when it is too much, too little, or shut off. Energetic balance can translate to a peaceful, calming sense of well-being. 




Is Japanese acupressure associated with a religion? No, it is not. It is a method of self-care that is based on principles of energy flow in the body. It is not owned by the New Age or any other religious system of belief. It is a method that can help clear the body of stress blockages that conclude in feelings of distress, anxiety, depression, worry, anger, or other emotions. Whatever you think about during this process is entirely your choice.