The Destination


Segment 4—The Destination: Becoming acquainted with and relating to the power for healing.

It is only as you have arrived at an understanding of yourself by examining the impact that your history has had on your life as a whole that you begin to enjoy the benefits that come by unloading your baggage and reaching The Destination. Your view has changed, you begin to notice new and exciting things around you, relationships gradually switch to being enjoyable and fulfilling and a sense of peaceful relaxation warms you with hope and love.


In The Destination, you look at:

  • Emotional maturity and where you are on its continuum
  • Growth and relationships - the importance of maturity to your relationships
  • The gifted brain – identifying yours
  • What was in the past and what it became in you
  • The heart and its ability to connect
  • How and why to leave fear behind
  • An overview of a previous graphic –The Y Factor
  • How to put together the new you

Pre-requisite for The Destination: It is strongly recommended that you complete at least two of the other three segments of The Journey before doing this one. If you have not taken the previous three segments of The Journey, you are encouraged you to make the reservation that will guarantee your place on the trip of a lifetime, and as you arrive at The Destination, you can anticipate an exciting vacation for the rest of your life.

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