The Mode


Segment 2—The Mode: Understanding rejection and being released from its grip.

The Mode focuses solely on rejection and how to be free of the damage it causes. All of us have experienced rejection in some form or another. For some it comes very subtly and for others it is much clearer. However it is experienced, rejection is painful. As children we may have received rejection from the very people who were meant to care for and love us and we begin to tell ourselves, “There must be something wrong with me”. The damage of rejection sets us up for feelings of worthlessness, fear, anger, sadness or depression, an inability to connect with others and many other issues that keep us from living whole healthy lives. In addition, our responses to rejection are usually self-destructive as we harbor resentment and bitterness toward the people who have rejected us. The Mode Video Series and Workbook explore these issues and give specific knowledge to help you begin to change the message of rejection to a message of belief in your own worth and value.

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