Biofeedback & TMJ Disorder


TMJ Biofeedback Support

Your dentist may refer you to address your TMJ Disorder. Biofeedback  will include brain hemisphere and waves training, brain calming, brain  clarity in focusing, autonomic nervous system, and any specialized  support detailed and discussed in initial and on-going assessment, in  order to drain off stressors. Consultation and referrals are provided as  part of on-going standard of care. 

Systemic, Emotional, Physiological Components

Underlying conditions relating to TMJ-like symptoms often involve a  combination of systemic, emotional, and structural leading to  physiologic imbalance. If we were to compare headaches to an overflowing  dam, the reservoir is filled with run-off from rain, hail, sleet, and  snow. When too many of these factors are present, there is an overflow resulting in a flood over the dam. Similarly, postural, emotional,  systemic, and structural contributing factors may overflow the neurological threshold to culminate in symptoms borne by the head, neck  and jaw. Biofeedback can neutralize the build-up of tensions in the  musculo-skeletal system. 

Structural & Postural Components

When one is experiencing Myofascial Pain Dysfunction (MPD) symptoms,  there is most always an underlying structural and postural problem with  the neck and jaw.  This leads to over-activation of the jaw, head and  neck muscles. And, in time, will lead to tension, spasms, and pain. To improve MPD symptoms, the jaw and neck posture must be brought back into  physiologic balance. Biofeedback, along with chiropractic adjustments and dental corrections of malocclusion can help dismiss strain, retrain the spine and muscles in their proper relation to each other, and  encourages balance. 

Sessions, Fees, & Insurance

Initial Session:  2 hours
Follow-up Sessions: 1.5 hours
Per session:  $150/hr
Packages:  Save $100 on a package of 4

Please  check with your individual health insurance administrator to determine  if biofeedback is covered under your plan. In the case of car accidents  and biofeedback support, car insurance often will cover up to 100% for  spinal injuries, traumatic brain injury, and is effective for hastening  healing following traumatic injury. In such an instance, insurance will  often not pay a healthcare provider until the case is closed. Clients  will need to pay out of pocket and I will be happy to submit a receipt  of payment at that time.


"Following my first session of neurofeedback*, what I came to understand is that I did have life tensions that were contributing to my physical pain. Now that I completed a series of neurofeedback* sessions, I discovered that it elevated my ability to adapt to my world without falling back into my prior patterns leading to full-blown pain."  A.P. --Santa Rosa, CA

*Note from owner: Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback. Biofeedback Specialists are able to provide biofeedback to balance the brain and nervous system, but the term "neurofeedback" is owned by another group of professionals. Karie Klim is not a certified in neurofeedback; however, she is able to assess and send balancing feedback to the brain and nervous system in every session.  

Display their FAQs

QUESTION:  I don't need therapy. Can I come for just biofeedback?

ANSWER:  There is freedom to custom-craft your services according to your comfort and choice relating to level of participation in my services. We discuss the type of relationship we want and abide by that agreement.

  1. Therapy alone
  2. Therapy plus biofeedback,
  3. Biofeedback only
  4. Biofeedback particularly targeted for the TMJ Disorder support. 

QUESTION: Do you have a Facebook page for your biofeedback business?

ANSWER:  Yes, here is the link: