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Medical models of treatment intervene with symptom reduction. However, reducing symptoms do not get to the bottom of causative reasons for your condition. Microfrequeny assessment and feedback prioritize the causes of symptoms. This is not medical or diagnostic, but rather the assessment can allow the body to register its most stressed reactions when stimulated with a microfrequency prompt. The information gathered through this stress assessment yields a list of targeted and individualized frequencies to neutralize reactivity.

There is no cookie-cutter approach in the microfrequency session. Each person has individualized needs, health issues, and vulnerabilities that determine the biofeedback direction. We get to listen to your body.

Before Your Biofeedback Session

In order to optimize your session give your body additional assistance for wellness, I suggest the following:

  • Please hydrate well the night before and the day of your appointment. Stop drinking water about 1/2 hour prior to the appointment, emptying your bladder before beginning of the appointment. Because the microfrequencies move energy, symptoms of cleansing will be reduced by staying well hydrated. 
  • Aim for 3 bowel movements per day to encourage proper elimination and so that toxins are more quickly flushed out of the body. 
  • No alcohol on the day of your appointment.
  • Avoid eating pork.
  • Limit your sugar and caffeine intake.
  • Increase your intake of green, alkalizing green juices and/or vegetables.
  • Take a daily walk to encourage lymph system circulation.
  • Give yourself plenty of sleep each night (at least 8 hours). Remove any electronic items from around your bed that may create electrical stress while you sleep. These include digital clocks, electronic devices, computers, televisions, computers, circuit breaker boxes, heating pads, and electric blankets.
  • Treat yourself to plenty of fresh air and sunlight, 10-20 minutes daily as weather permits.
  • You may feel a little tired the evening of following your session. This is natural because your body is in a mode of clearing and regeneration. If you feel tired, allow yourself a nap or early bedtime. 
  • Remember healing is a process that occurs on a physical level as well as on an emotional and psychological level. An important part of this process is your willingness to be loving and forgiving towards yourself.

What is a Herxheimer (Herx)?

Herxing occurs as the result of pathogen die-off or detox symptoms. Microfrequency biofeedback can stimulate herxing reactions and I want to minimize the possiblity by preparing you ahead of time for what to expect.

Symptoms of herxing often mimic the effects of the microbe that was disempowered. For example, if the herx caused a headach, you may have an increase temporarily as the die-off of neurotoxins are clearing from your body. If you have joint swelling and the session targets joints for a balancing priority, you may notice temporarily an increased sense of discomfort in joints. Neurotoxins can manifest emotional symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, loss of motivation, or irritability. As your immune system is busily clearing up the debris, you may have similar symptoms as you would when you get a cold or mild flu.  All these symptoms are a sign that your body is clearing burdens, or stress load, and generally lasts 1-2 days. 

Immunocompromised individuals may develop herx-like symptoms due to the opening of blocked pathways that store toxins. This release of toxins allows organs to revitalize, If symptoms are more than normal for cleansing, then it is recommended you keep me informed and contact your health care provider.

Contraindications for use:

Avoid microfrequency work when:

  • Pregnant
  • Nursing
  • Have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or any electrical or battery operated implants
  • Have non-pathogenic-related seizures
  • Any medical condition that is not approved by your medical doctor

What Does It Feel Like?

Each person is different and each session can be different depending on the direction your body shows it would like to receive attention. Some people feel energized. Others feel more relaxed. Often, there is a mental clarity that emerges and increased productivity. 

Sometimes you may need to clear symptoms before feeling better after a session. Just remember, every time you clear, you will have more space in yourself, you will feel a difference, and you will appreciate achieving another level toward your wellness goals. 


I welcome your questions. Use my contact form to communicate your question and I will reply here so that everyone viewing this page can benefit.

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